Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Maui


Vision and Mission: No More Homeless Pets

The mission of SPCA Maui is to create a “no more homeless pets” Maui and stop the killing of companion animals as a means of population control.

The Maui Challenge

  • Per capita, Maui has almost 4X more animals entering our County sponsored shelter annually, than the national average.
  • Our County shelter eliminates 81% of all cats and 51% of all dogs who enter it’s doors due to lack of space. In the past 5 years, this has totaled over 30,000 animals. This does not even begin to take into consideration those homeless who are roaming our forests, fields and beaches.
  • Our rural island communities make up almost 2/3 of our island people and pet populations. Here, there are critical voids in spay/neuter education, financial challenges and often a total lack of veterinary services available. Kittens and puppies being born daily is out of control.

How We CAN FIX our pet overpopulation

A 2008 statement from the American Veterinary Medical Association states that “Sterilization is the best antidote to the mass euthanasia of cats and dogs resulting from overpopulation.” Shelter models deal with the problem by eliminating animals they cannot adopt out. Our prevention model addresses the cause of the problem at the source. Stop uncontrolled breeding and homeless pets with spay/neuter.


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