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Need help fixing your pet?                               

Can pay some but not all?

SPCA Maui can help

What is SPCA Maui’s SNAP program?

The SPCA Maui SNAP program provides financial assistance to cover the costs of Spay and Neuter procedures

How does it work?

Call us at 280-0738. If our representative is not available, please leave your name, phone number and detail of your pet (ie: male dog) We will get back to you asap to match your pet with a licensed veterinary clinic for Spay or Neuter surgery.

Who Pays the Vet?

We encourage our SNAP clients to pay what they can afford to the veterinary clinic at time of surgery.  SPCA Maui guarantees the balance and will pay the clinic directly.

What if I my companion animal has special needs?

SPCA Maui is responsible for only the costs related to sterilization procedures.  Other treatments are the responsibility of the client.

What if I can’t pay?

Our SNAP clients are asked to contribute what they can towards the surgery cost.  However, ability to pay is not a criteria for participation in the SNAP program.

To find out more about SPCA Maui’s SNAP program

Call 280-0738 or info[at]spcamaui[dot]org

The mission of SPCA Maui is to create a “no more homeless pets” Maui and stop the killing of companion animals as a means of population control.
SPCA Maui is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit